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Dawson College in Montreal is the biggest CEGEP (community college) in the province of Quebec. It has been using Course Management Systems since 2001, when it implemented WebCT. Three years ago, after a thorough survey, Moodle (a free, open source Course Management System) was chosen as the official replacement to WebCT. The presentation will analyze the implementation and customization of Moodle at Dawson College. It will focus on the migration process from WebCT to Moodle, new modules and plug-ins that were specially created for Dawson needs and the integration with Dawson’s Student Information System and internal databases. An analysis on Moodle’s interface and usability issues will also be presented, showcasing the changes made to improve its interface, making it a more user-friendly tool for teachers and students. Future developments will be discussed, such as the integration with Web 2.0 tools, conditional activities, Learning Analytics and the creation of a Cegep-wide community hub, providing a directory of Open Educational Resources and courses for public use or for private CEGEP communities.
Auteur(s) : SCAPIN, Rafael
Type : orale
Bloc : (V4-8) Learning Management Systems (MATI)