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The use of digital libraries by pedagogy undergraduate students on distance learning modality was investigated based on the concepts of conventional and digital libraries and informational behavior supported by Espen Aarseth’s ergodic literature conception. In this case study were analyzed documents from Minas Gerais state department of education concerning the teachers training proposal as to the use of technologies. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with basic education teachers enrolled in the distance learning pedagogy undergraduate course, aiming at verifying the possible uses of the course digital library, always based on the ergodic theory. The data raised by the research showed that the subjects had access to the technology by having personal computers through which they accessed the internet and used e-mail, chats, etc. However, they did not show an elaborated informational behavior using the available digital libraries correspondent to their courses. It could be observed that the conventional library was indicated as the most used source of knowledge by the participant groups.
Auteur(s) : SINDIER, Alves; HEITOR, Carvalho
Type : orale
Bloc : (V6-6) Digital libraries and open-source content