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This exploration focuses on the potential similarities and differences between Chinese and Canadian students about how their intellectual and social development is influenced by social media. In both China and North America, young people are the largest group of web 2.0 users, so social media has caught the attention of educators and scholars. Although they have contributed very much to the study of social media, few of them highlight the perspective of cross-cultural comparison. For instance, it is only recently that western researchers have taken special notice of the development of China’s social media. In this sense, when the interaction between young people and social media is studied, an international, educational, and social-psychological viewpoint seems to be ignored. My research aims to fill this gap. I will examine the general situation of college students’ usage of social media in Canada and China. Secondly, a certain number of undergraduates of several universities will be asked to participate in face-to-face interviews. Thirdly, I am going to carry out an online survey of students.
Auteur(s) : ZHANG, Qian
Type : affiche
Bloc : (J5-1) Communications par affiches